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Reading Lists: Diversifying your list

Diversifying your list

There is no one way to diversify your reading list and course content and this is an ongoing process that will include research as it is made available, but some things to think about:

  • Is it possible to to add content from marginalized groups into your reading list and course design?
  • Is it possible to add content from marginalized groups and make it essential reading rather than optional?

There are many useful resources available on the subject of diversifying your reading lists:

If you would like to discuss the concept of diversifying your reading list in more detail please speak to your information consultant

What you can expect from the Library

We'll try our best to obtain anything essential or recommended you add to a reading list. When sourcing material from more diverse suppliers, for example those outside the UK or smaller organisations, it may take longer to obtain materials, and may not always be possible.

  • Look for material that is available as Open Access, as that will be freely available
  • Submit your reading list as early as you can, as this will give us a better chance to work on your request
  • If there is anything particularly important for your course, please talk to your Information Consultant so we are aware and we can investigate if necessary

Useful resources to find more diverse sources

We've curated a list of resources which may help you find more diverse sources for your students. They're a mix of subscribed and free content. You can view them on the Diverse Resources list

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