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Reading Lists: Key deadlines and communications

Deadline for Reading List Submission

The deadline by which you need to submit your 2024-25 reading lists: 

Monday 24th June: This deadline is for all modules 

This deadline is in place to maximise the chances of the Library having necessary resources available for students in good time, as poor availability negatively impacts the student experience and NSS scores. 

Email Communication - w/b 6th May 2024

We are now at the time of year where we ask you to confirm your reading lists for the next academic year. Lists for 2024/25 are now available in draft form on Talis Aspire, these are only visible once you log in to the system. If you would like to make changes to your reading list, please do so via the Talis Aspire system.  

Reading List Submission Deadline: 

  • Monday 24th June – this deadline is for all modules. 

Student Experience and resource availability 

In 2022/23 the library conducted a survey of staff and students and invited them to share their experiences of using Talis Aspire Reading Lists. Based on some of the comments received we have created some good practice tips that can be found on our online reading list guide. 

Adding items to your Talis Aspire Reading List is the only way of informing the library of the resources that you are recommending to your students. Failure to inform us of these resources can negatively impact the student experience.  


You can contact your Information Consultant with any questions that you might have. Information Consultants are also available for 1-1 appointments to provide more detailed support, these are available to book online.    

You can also use our detailed reading list guide for further information and guidance.   


Submitting a reading list    

If there are no changes to your reading list:   

  • You still need to notify the library, so please log into Talis Aspire to find your 2024/25 list and press ‘publish’ to confirm. This lets us know that there are no changes, and we will mark the list as received.    

If you do want to make changes to your list:   

  • Log into Talis Aspire to edit your list. To find your list, search for the module code and ensure you are accessing the 2024/25 version.    

  • When you have updated your list, you will need to click ‘publish’ in the top right-hand corner to make your changes visible and to notify the library.  

  • It is always possible to add items to your list or make changes, however, please note that adding items in a timely manner ensures the library has enough time to source these items for your students. 

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