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Reading Lists: Key deadlines and communications

Deadline for Reading List Submission

Friday 2nd July

Email Communication - w/b 31st May

Dear all, 

Following on from James Knowles’s email regarding plans for education in 2021-22, I email to advise you of what you need to do to submit your reading list(s), and the help and support you can expect from the Library. 
All 2021-22 reading lists need to be submitted via the College’s reading list system, Talis Aspire. 
You need to submit your reading list to the Library by Friday 2nd July. This deadline has been set to allow the Library to be able to acquire the resources needed in time for teaching. The Library cannot guarantee that resources will be available for the start of teaching if reading lists are submitted after this time.  
Submitting a reading list 
To submit your reading list, you must use Talis Aspire. Lists for academic year 2021-22 are now available in draft form for you to edit.  
You will need to log into Talis Aspire to edit your list. When you have updated your list, you will need to click ‘publish’ in the top right-hand corner to make your changes visible and to notify the library.  
If there are no changes to your list you still need to notify the library, so please find your 2021-22 list on Talis Aspire and press ‘publish’ to confirm. 
Lists from the academic year 2020-21 will still be visible to students who may still be using them, but will be archived before the start of the next academic year. 
Online availability of resources 
Over the last year, the Library has prioritised the purchasing of electronic content for Essential and Recommended readings, and the Library will continue to do that. However, some items are not available online for us as an institution to buy, or are only available to buy on a limited or expensive model, such as an etextbook. For further guidance on how etextbooks will be considered for purchase, please see the etextbook policy (located on page 16).  
Where we are unable to source resources, the Library will update the “Library Note” field for that item with further information. We ask academic colleagues to log in to Talis Aspire to monitor their reading lists for any issues. 
If you would like to know whether specific items you would like to use are available online, please contact your Information Consultant
List length 
As per the Reading List Policy (located on page 15), reading lists should be no longer than 100 items long for a standard 15 credit module, including both Essential and Recommended readings. This limit should be pro-rata’d for shorter modules, and can be doubled to 200 items for 30 credit modules. 
Further reading will not be bought by the Library and it is advised that, where possible, further reading should utilise resources already available from the Library’s collections.  
Further information on the categories Essential, Recommended and Further can be found on the guide to reading lists.  
Help is available 
You can find all of the information included in this email (and more!) on the guide to reading lists. There are also training sessions to allow you to familiarise yourselves with Talis Aspire. You can book these sessions on our training page. There are also how-to training materials, so you have access to the information whenever you need it. 
You can also contact or book an appointment with your Information Consultant for specific queries.  


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