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Reading Lists Online - Getting Started: What is it?

Online guide to using the Reading Lists Online service.

What is Reading Lists Online

Reading Lists Online is an online reading list system purchased by Royal Holloway, that uses the Talis Aspire web-hosted software.

Reading Lists Online provides students with quick and easy access to books, ebooks, journal articles, videos, sound files, images and websites recommended for the modules they have registered for.

How does it work?

Essentially you build up a list of “bookmarks” for the readings & resource items you want to recommend to your students, then you drag and drop the references into the appropriate reading list and arrange them however you want: by week, by topic, as a bibliography. The structure of a reading list is very flexible and can easily be updated and changed at any time.

To find out how to edit your list please look at the tabs at the top, if you need any help please contact

Timeline of the project until now...

Getting Help

If you cannot login to Reading Lists Online or you want help or advice on creating your reading lists in Reading Lists Online, please contact your Information Consultant or email