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Reading Lists

A guide to using the Reading Lists Online service.

What is Reading Lists Online?

Reading Lists is an online reading list system which uses the Talis Aspire web-hosted software.

It is the easiest way to manage your reading list, allowing students quick and easy access to the resources that they need for your module. Lists can be seamlessly integrated into Moodle, enabling live updates from LibrarySearch and improving the student experience. We use the information on your reading lists to ensure that copies of relevant texts and resources are available in the High Use Collection of the Library.

How does it work?

You can manage your list yourself - just search for the module code to find the list that we hold.

Talis Apsire works as a two stage process - you first need to bookmark the resources you want to recommend to your students, then you add then to your reading list and arrange them however you want, for example by week or by topic,. The structure of a reading list is very flexible and can easily be updated and changed at any time.

All resources will need an importance assigned to them - either Essential, Recommended or Further. These will allow us to determine demand.

To find out how to edit your list please see the Adding items to your reading list section. If you need any further help please contact your Information Consultant.

Benefits of using the system