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Referencing, Citing, and Structuring Bibliographies

A beginners' guide to referencing and bibliographies.

What is Mendeley?


Reference Manager. Resource Discovery. Academic Profiles. Networking. Impact.

Mendeley is a free tool enabling you to capture, organise, annotate, store and share your references. You can download a desktop version, including a plug in for Word to enable you to create citations and bibliographies. You can also access the online version, and synchronise your accounts so that you can easily access your chosen papers at any point. Versions are also available for iphone/ipad

The desk top version enables you to easily upload any pdfs you may have already downloaded into your files.

The online interface enables you to connect with like minded researchers, to join and form groups and networks and to discover and share papers. You can develop and display your academic profile to include your papers, CV etc. You can see how many times your papers have been read, and view and discussions generated by your research. You can choose to embed this profile in other websites e.g. on your blog.

Mendeley forms a crowd sourced database of research papers, so you can view and select popular papers, or browse subject disciplines to select the topics of most interest to you. You can install a handy Mendeley web importer tool to enable you to import papers as you find them online.

The web importer enables you to capture references from a range of useful resources such as the Web of Knowledge, Google Scholar, EBSCO databases, SAGE journals, ScienceDirect etc. Remember that the full text may not always be available or may be available via a different publisher. Please ask your subject librarian if you would like further help with searching resources.

Organising your references

How to import your documents

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