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Referencing, Citing, and Structuring Bibliographies

A beginners' guide to referencing and bibliographies.


This guide will enable you to:

  • understand plagiarism understand the key principles of referencing & creating bibliographies
  • know where to find more information on the referencing system that your department uses
  • locate overviews & detailed help on the different types of referencing systems (e.g. Harvard, Chicago, MLA, MHRA)
  • have an awareness of the different types of sources & resources and how to reference them
  • understand how to create references in your course work: footnotes vs ‘in-text’ references
  • have an awareness of tools to help you easily create & manage references & bibliographies (these are covered in more detail in the courses IS228 & IS229)


Please visit the Library Moodle Pages for up to date information on Referencing.

Subject Guides & Information Consultants

Have a read of your own subject guide & find out about your Subject Librarian. Here, you will also find out about relevant course materials and how to find information for your assignments, dissertations & research.

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