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Assistive Technology Suite

The Assistive Technology Suite can be found on the first floor of the library.  If you need help locating this, please ask at the Library Helpdesk.  It is a priority area for students who are registered with Disability & Neurodiversity. It is a quiet place where registered students can work and use the equipment provided or use their own devices.  The area has two adjustable desks, standing work areas, a small booth and some quiet areas for study. 

Plan of the library first floor highlighting the location of the Assistive Technology Suite    Image showing the Assistive Technolofy Suite on the first floor of the library

 There are four computers with specialist software installed.

  • Software to convert image documents into editable text - Abby Fine Reader
  • Mindmapping Software - Mindview
  • You will be able to access any web based assistive software and use Office 365

Disability and Neurodiversity are able to loan laptops to registered students who are awaiting their DSA equipment or are not able to apply for DSA (subject to availability).

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