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Academic Staff Library Guide

A guide aimed at research and teaching academics with information about how to request additional electronic resources, links to information about Reading Lists Online, and other useful information.

Requesting resources for library purchase


If you want to request an item that will be used on a reading list for student learning then please add this to your Talis Aspire Reading List for that course. Once the item has been added and the list has been published the library will receive a notification and we will order this resource. We have a policy of obtaining a digital copy wherever possible. Find out more about Talis Aspire and the reading list process at Royal Holloway on our Reading List Subject Guide.

Please note the library will only purchase items that are marked as essential or recommended.

Other resource requests

If there are other resources you would like to request e.g. items for research, items for collection development, journal or database subscriptions, then please contact your Information Consultant who will be able to help and provide more information.

Collection development and management policy

More information about stock selection, acquisition, withdrawal and accessing information not necessarily held at Royal Holloway can be found in the library's Collection development and management policy. 


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