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Management: Finding Subject Specific Information

The Royal Holloway subject guide for students in the School of Business and Management.


In this section of the Library's Moodle space you will find resources and activities to help you develop your information searching skills.

Accessing other libraries

Through this link you will find more information about accessing Senate House's physical and online resources, as well as information about accessing libraries at other institutions.

Recommended Resources

This is just a selection of the most popular resources available to you whilst you study in the School of Business and Management! The other tabs, as you can see, have been arranged by subject to help you find the resource best suited to your needs. You can also check out all the resources available to you as a Business and Management student by using the Databases A-Z list.

If you are not sure what database or resource you need, or have any issues using these resources, please do not hesitate to contact me, your friendly Information Consultant! My contact details can be found on the Where to get help page.

The databases below are just a few key resources available to you whilst studying accounting and finance at Royal Holloway. There are many other resources, for example under the "Companies and Industries" tab above, that have a wealth of financial data to offer too. Please do also look at the tabs entitled  Bloomberg and Datastream on this page, as these are two invaluable sources of financial and accounting information.

Further resources on companies

There are also some websites that offer reliable company information for free:

  • Alpha Vantage provides free, open-access financial and economic datasets for academic research.
  • Annual Reports is a free, up-to-date listing of over 85,000 annual reports on the internet covering over 7,000 companies. You can search for companies or filter by industry.
  • Investor Network is a great website to use to find out company earnings information, as well as read news and commentaries on companies or industries.
  • Morningstar is a financial services firm. It provides a variety of investment research and investment management services. Morningstar's research and recommendations are considered by financial journalists as influential in the asset management industry
  • The Public Register Service is one of the largest, free directories of online annual reports available on the web.


Further resources on industries

  • Doing Business

    Data and analysis that measures the business environment of more than 180 countries and selected cities around the globe.


Resources on infrastructure

  • World Bank: Private Participation in Infrastructure Database

    Data on more than 4000 infrastructure projects for 137 developing countries. Select the "Get Data" tab in the center of the page to view pre-defined reports or build custom reports by country and sector.

  • World Bank: Transport Data & Indicators

    Data and analysis on railway & private concessions and private participation in transport infrastructure. Also provides access to the Logisitics Performance Index which monitors the trade logistics performance of countries around the globe.


Resources on risk and sovereign debt


Resources for socioeconomic analysis

  • Global Consumption Database.

    Data on household consumption patterns in developing countries. Select data by country and sector.

  • Human Development Report

    Thematic reports published annually by the United Nations Development Progrramme (UNDP). Recent themes have included; The Real Wealth of Nations, human mobility and development, climate change, and the global water crisis. The site also provides access to thematic regional reports.

  • OECD iLibrary

    The online library of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development contains all books, papers and journals by the OECD.

Freely available resources:

Contains 80 eBooks previously published by the Federal Research Division. The books present a description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of select countries throughout the world. The series includes several books on countries that no longer exist in their original configuration—such as Czechoslovakia, East Germany, the Soviet Union, Sudan, and Yugoslavia.

The World Factbook is an annual publication from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States with almanac-style information about the countries of the world. The Factbook provides a two- to three-page summary of the demographics, geography, communications, government, economy, and military of 266 U.S.-recognized countries, dependencies, and other areas in the world.

The International Monetary Fund is an organization of 190 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world. You can browse by country and see news, blogs and videos relating to that country as well as data and documentation relating to that country's finances, trade and economy.

Free and open access to global development data.

There are a variety of excellent websites that provide information on entrepreneurship:

The British Library provides webinars and resource packs to help start, run and grow your business.

Carbon Trust partners businesses, governments and organisations around the world to support them in realising plans for a sustainable, low carbon future. 

The 'Doing Business Guides' are designed to advise and assist UK companies looking to trade with and invest in opportunity-rich overseas markets.

This site provides advice, insight, profiles and guides for established and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide

This organisation helps small businesses to achieve their aims. They provide a wide range of business services including advice, financial and expertise.

GEM carries out survey-based research on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship ecosystems around the world. GEM is a networked consortium of national country teams primarily associated with top academic institutions. GEM is the only global research source that collects data on entrepreneurship directly from individual entrepreneurs.

Provided by AAT, a leading professional body for accounting technicians, this group provides support to SMEs, sole-traders and startups.

This is a campaign by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. It aims to provide inspiration, resources and guidance to help people start and grow their own business.

A useful online resource for anyone starting and growing a business.

These are some of the Library databases that can help you with your entrepreneurial endeavours:

These are further sources of information on marketing:

ClickZ helps marketers and business leaders navigate the technologies transforming industries.

These are further resources that provide freely available data and statistical resources:


What is Bloomberg?

Bloomberg is a platform (Terminal) which provides access to live financial, currencies, and commodities data, along with a wide range of news articles, reports, and background information. The service can only be accessed through the Bloomberg Terminals on campus.

To use the Bloomberg Terminals you will need to create a Bloomberg account. You can only do this on the Bloomberg Terminals, remote access is not available.

Bloomberg also overlays Excel so you can use Excel to export data from Bloomberg to analyse. Please see the guidance document below on how to install the Bloomberg Excel plugin if it is not already available.

Where can I access the Bloomberg Terminals?

The Bloomberg Terminals are located in PC Lab 1 in the Computer Centre at the Egham Campus.

When can I access the Bloomberg Terminals?

The room is open to users 24/7. Between 18:00-08:00 and at weekends you will need your university card to access the PC Lab. Please be aware that teaching takes place in the PC Lab and the Bloomberg Terminals will not be accessible during these times.

Where can I get help using the Bloomberg Terminals?

Bloomberg provide a short guide for getting started on the Bloomberg Terminals. You can also access the online Bloomberg Help Centre through the Bloomberg website, or by pressing F1 on the keyboard when logged into a Bloomberg Terminal.

The library also runs introductory training sessions on how to use the Terminals for relevant subject areas. We will directly contact you to advertise when these are running. You can also contact your subjects Information Consultant if you have any questions about using Bloomberg.

What is Bloomberg Market Concepts?

The Bloomberg Market Concepts course is an industry recognised qualification in using the Bloomberg Terminals. Please use your Royal Holloway email address to sign up to the course. The course is free for Royal Holloway Library users. Once you leave Royal Holloway you may be charged to complete the course.

You can access the course through a web browser, you do not need to be on a Bloomberg Terminal to complete it. The course can take between 8-12 hours to finish but it will save your progress as you complete different sections. Bloomberg do occasionally add new modules, so it is worth checking to see if there is any new content.

DataStream is a database providing historical financial and economic research data published by Refinitiv. It is now available via Refinitiv’s Eikon service (the previous DataStream Advance application has been discontinued by Refinitiv).

Support using DataStream

Free online training, including information about getting certified, can be found on Refinitiv's website.

As our number of Eikon licences is very limited, School of Business and Management students (or students from other departments studying a SBM module) should email Julia Charlton for a temporary Eikon login. See instructions below on installing Eikon and the Excel DataStream add in. N.B. Eikon is Windows-only, there is no MacOS version, but Mac users can still use the online version via a web browser.

Qualtrics is a survey tool like survey monkey or BOS but more sophisticated and customizable. It is only licensed for Management staff & students.

You can sign up for it online and you do not need to be on the VPN. You log into the support portal with your Qualtrics username (your Royal Holloway email address).

If you have any problems signing up please do contact Julia Charlton

Any other issues, you should contact Qualtrics Support in the first instance here

Accessing resources off campus

To access our resources off-campus, you can use Royal Holloway's VPN, which will simulate on-campus access.

If you are not using Royal Holloway's VPN, you may be asked for a login. In this instance you can use your College username and password (which you normally use to access Moodle).

More information on accessing e-resources can be found in our Accessing Eresources page.

General resources

The link below will help you find Royal Holloway PhD theses, UK theses through British Library's EThOS service and theses and dissertations from other countries through ProQuest.

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