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Reading Lists: Adding the bookmarklet tool or extension

How to add items to your reading list

Before you can start adding your references to Reading Lists Online, you need to install an extension to your browser OR a bookmarklet tool on your browser. We recommended using Chrome and the web extension.

There are known issues with using Safari on a Mac, so please use another browser wherever possible.

Adding the web extension - Recommended

This tool is available in Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox.

Details on how to install the extension onto your browser can be found on Talis Aspire's support pages.

Adding the bookmarklet tool


This tool is supported by Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari. You can add the Bookmarklet by:

  • Logging into Talis Aspire
  • Click on "My Bookmarks" 
  • Select "Install Bookmark Button" and follow the instructions. 
  • You will need to ensure that you favourites bar is viewable in your browser
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