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Citation Searching

How to find who has cited an article in Web of Science

If you know the title of the article you want to find the citation seach for you can search for it by title (see instructions to the right). 

If you want to find the most cited articles in a field use the topic function from the dropdown menu.

  • Type in the keywords
  • Ensure the dropdown menu says Topic (it is the default)
  • Click Search
  • To find the most cited articles select Times cited - highest to lowest from the dropdown menu on the results page:

  • Click on the Title of the article to view more information about the article and cited references from there or click on the number next to times cited on the search results page:

This video shows you how to do a citation search.

Cited reference search

 For a more comprehensive search you will need to do a Cited Reference Search. This method also helps if you are trying to find an article from an incomplete reference.

From the All Databases menu select Web of Science Core Collection:

An arrow is now present next to the Basic Search. 

Select Cited Reference Search from the dropdown menu:

The screen then appears with various options so you can search by author, work and year amongst other details:

Fill in as much information as you can.

Click search.

Selected references to view.

(Look for cited reference variants (sometimes different pages of the same article are cited or papers are cited incorrectly).

Click Finish Search.

The search results will appear and you can then view them as with the other types of search.

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