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Management Information Skills

Books have Authors / editors, year, title and publisher:
Cottrell, S. (2008) The study skills handbook. 3rd edn. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
Books Chapters have chapter authors, year, chapter title, PLUS book authors / editors, year, title, publisher & page numbers:
Willis, K. (2010) ‘Gender, poverty and social capital: the case of Oaxaca City, Mexico’, in Chant, S. (ed.) The international handbook of gender and poverty. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 385–390. 
Journal articles have authors, year, article title, journal title, volumes, issues, pages:
Trudgill, S. (2012) ‘Do theories tell us what to see? The 19th-century observations of Darwin, Ramsay and Bonney on glacial features’, Progress in Physical Geography, 36(4), pp. 

Identifying the type of resource

Bibliographic Exercise

The bibliographic exercise ensures you can find
–Journal papers 
–Newspaper articles
–Web pages
Quickly and by the most reliable ways
For use in writing your essays & coursework
Academic knowledge is cumulative
References let everyone trace your sources
Approved formats ensure that the essential information to trace a source is included
EVERYTHING you refer to must be cited!

Finding Books on LibrarySearch

Finding Ebooks on LibrarySearch

Library Search

See this guide to searching for a book on Library search. You can also watch our Using LibrarySearch playlist on YouTube.

Where to find books for your subject

Books for Management are in the Emily Wilding Davison Building.  Here are some key locations.

Accountancy 657 Business Statistics 519.502465
Corporations 338.74 Distribution and Marketing 658.8
Economics 330 Information Technology 001.5
Law 340 Management 658
Operations Research 001.424 Personnel Management 658.3
Principles of Management 658 Production Management 658.5
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