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Important changes to RefWorks

You will notice that you have an option between 'Legacy' RefWorks and 'New' RefWorks.

     New users should sign up to 'New' RefWorks and see our new guide.

Existing users are welcome to continue using their existing Legacy RefWorks account or to migrate to New RefWorks. Please be aware that some 'Legacy' features are not yet available in 'New' RefWorks. For example, you will not be able to use your existing Word documents with references created using Write-N-Cite from 'Legacy' RefWorks with the new version. If you have existing Word documents that you wish to edit, you must continue to use the 'Legacy' version for the time being.

What is RefWorks?

RefWorks is a web-based tool that is free to use for all members of Royal Holloway. It will help you to capture, save and organise references, and to create bibliographies correctly formatted in a wide range of different styles, that can be used in any word processing software. You can access it on- and off-campus, from any PC which has internet access.

How to create an account

When you first use RefWorks you will need to register. From off campus, you also need our Group Code which is RWRoyalH. Then fill in your registration details as follows:

1. Your name
2. Your email address
3. Choose your login name and password
4. Select your user type (e.g. undergraduate)
5. Select your focus area (e.g. humanities)
6. Select ‘register’ to finish

RefWorks workbook

RefWorks Web Guides

RefWorks provide Quick Start guides that you can download and print out in a range of languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), German, Italian, Czech, Japanese, English, Korean, French, Polish, Spanish.

They also have a YouTube channel full of video tutorials. 

Creating a bibliography with RefWorks

Learn to use RefWorks in 20 minutes

RefWorks Essentials on YouTube

The RefWorks YouTube channel provides clear, step by step instructions on how to carry out all the important functions in RefWorks, in a series of short, specific videos.  Here are links to the videos for the most vital things to do.

Create a RefWorks account

Export references from online services into RefWorks

Add references by typing them in manually

Create folders to organise references

Create a reference list from references in your account

Inserting references using Write'N'Cite

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