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Information Literacy

Information literacy is very important as it helps build lifelong transferable skills for your students (and yourself!) A student with good information literacy skills will make better use of a wider range of resources, getting more out of their time at university and be better equipped with employer friendly skills.

We recommend that IL is embedded into your course module so that Library sessions are seen as key components of your course. Learning outcomes on information literacy can be embedded into your usual modules. We also recommend using blended learning with online materials to reinforce practical hands on workshops. Hands on workshops are much more effective than Library lectures, as then enable your students to practice and learn for themselves with the Librarian on hand to offer support and advice. It also enables them to use examples directly relevant to their course work and assignments.


Make sure your students have a Library induction at the beginning of their course. This is a good start but we also recommend a range of linked workshops so that students can build on their learning and to enable a wide range of topics to be included.


Please contact your Information Consultants to arrange IL workshops or contact Leanne Workman, Head of Academic Liaison to discuss how the Library can help you embed information literacy into your modules

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