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Reading Lists Online - Getting Started

Online guide to using the Reading Lists Online service.

Publishing your list

Once you have finished adding the content to your list, you need to publish it so that it is visible to your students and can be linked to Moodle.

To publish your list, there are two way it can be done. The first way is in Edit mode. On the right hand side of the screen, near the top, is the Publish button. Click this button to make your changes visible.

The second way is from your My Lists section. On the right is an Actions column. Simply select Publish from the dropdown menu. 

Link to the Hierarchy

It is essential that your reading list is linked to the hierarchy so that it can be linked to your Moodle module.

You must publish your list before it can be linked to the hierarchy.

Once you have published it, click on the Edit dropdown menu and select Link to Hierarchy from the list.

Type the module code into the box and when the module name appears, then click on this to link it.

Requesting a review

It's important for your Information Consultant to review your list if you have added new items that are not currently in Royal Holloway's Library's collection. It's good to request a review if you have changed the importance of some titles from nothing to Essential, or Recommended to Essential.

To request a review, open your list and you will see a Review button next to the Edit button. Click on Request Review from the dropdown menu. You can also request a review when you are in edit mode of your list. It's on the right hand side of the screen, under Publish and Save draft. You should also email your Information Consultant to alert them that your list needs reviewing.

Please be aware that the Library may have a budget restrictions for buying new titles and more copies of existing titles. Please contact your Information Consultant to find out the book buying ratios for Essential, Recommended and Further categories. Where an eBook is available, we will purchase that instead of extra print copies.