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Reading Lists Online - Getting Started

Online guide to using the Reading Lists Online service.

Adding Web pages to your reading list

Adding web pages to your reading list is easy to do. 

Before bookmarking, make sure that you are logged into the reading list system.

1. Open a web browser window and navigate to the webpage you would like to bookmark. Once it has loaded, click on the ‘Add to Bookmarks’ bookmarklet in your toolbar (for instructions on installing the bookmarklet, see Getting Started).

2. You will then be presented with a split-screen, which displays the webpage on the right-hand side, and the data pulled from the page on the left.

3. Review the information that has been pulled into the fields on the left-hand pane as this is the meta-data that will make up your bookmark. If anything needs changing, you can type into the boxes or delete as necessary.

4. When you’re happy that all the information is correct, click on the ‘Create’ button.

The bookmark is then stored under your profile in the reading list system and you will be returned to the page you bookmarked from so you can continue to look items up and bookmark them.