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Reading Lists Online - Getting Started

Online guide to using the Reading Lists Online service.

Bookmarking books, eBooks and chapters

1. Log on to Reading Lists Online using your Royal Holloway username and password.

2. Open another tab on your browser and go to Royal Holloway Library's LibrarySearch.

3. Search for the item you want to add to the list.

4. Click on the title of the book or journal to dispay the full record.

5. If using the old interface click on the 'Details' tab.If using the new interface just click on the title of the book.

5. Click on the "Add to My Bookmarks" button you have added to your browser toolbar.

6. Your screen will display the catalogue entry on the right hand side and the details of the book or journal on the left.

7. Check bibligraphic details then click on the Create button or Create and Add to List.*

* If you have clicked, 'Create and Add to List' - then on the next screen, select the list you want to add it to, as well as marking it as: 
Suggested for student purchaseEssentialRecommended or Further
You can also add any notes to the students (visible to the public) or notes to the Library (not visible to the public).

8. You have successfully saved your bookmark on Reading Lists Online.

Adding 'problem' books & books NOT in LibrarySearch

When using LibrarySearch:

If the details do not appear automatically when bookmarking from LibrarySearch:

 1. select LCN from the 'Look up' function in Reading Lists Online

 2. and enter the Source Record Number from the Details section of the record on Library Search.


When using other online resources:

If you still cannot import from LibrarySearch or if the book is not in the Royal Holloway collections, then:

 1. Search for the title of the book on Amazon or the publisher's website, then use the “Add to my bookmarks” button on your browser to bookmark the new resource.

 2. Check the information and add any additional fields if necessary to complete the reference.

 3. Please note book references should include: Title of the book, author / editor, year of publication, publisher and ISBN.

 4. If the details for the book don't appear automatically after clicking 'Add to my bookmarks', use the ISBN in Lookup: to retrieve the details. 

See the Step by Step Guide above for more information

How to add notes for your students

There are a few ways you can add notes for your students.

  1. When you are creating your bookmark for an item:
    When you click on Create and Add to list, it gives you the option to add notes to the student, such as chapter 15 is essential for your exam or Read chapter 3 for week 3. You can also mark whether the text is Item for student purchase, Essential Reading or Recommended Reading. You can also add notes for the Library at this point too, especially if it's a brand new text. 

  2. Add notes for your students when you edit the list: 
    This can be found in the list view. Click on Edit and then Edit list. Under each resource you will then find that you can set the importance (Essential, Recommended, etc), add student notes, and notes to the Library. 

  3. Add notes for your students again in Edit mode:
    On the right of your screen, you have the option to add a New Section, New Note, or New Page. Drag the New Note section across to the list and edit the text accordingly. 

It is not essential that you add notes for your students, but the option is there.