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Library Search

You can use Library Search to search for many of the journals and journal articles available through Royal Holloway. 

You can view the Journals A-Z list here if you know the title of the journal you are looking for.

How do I get an article?

If you find an abstract-only article and you want to read the whole thing, follow these steps:

  1. Search for the Journal Title on Library Search we might have a subscription to it in a different database.
  2. Search for the Journal Title at Senate house (you need to register for Senate House first)
  3. If we don't have the journal and neither does Senate House, consider requesting an Inter-Library Loan This service is available to all members of College.
  4. See if another library has it, and visit yourself: use the information on the Other Libraries page.

If in doubt, always check with your Information Consultant before spending any money online.

Why Journals Matter

If you have ever wondered why journals and peer reviewed journals matter Brian Cox explains in this clip.

You may need to login to BoB to view the video.


This recording is to be used only for non-commercial educational purposes under the terms of an ERA Licence. For terms of use and to find and record more programmes please visit BoB National.

Finding an e-journal